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Projects (Not-in-Sync)

  • DrTM: Fast In-memory Transactional Processing using Transactional Memory.
  • Polymer: NUMA-aware Graph-structured Analytics Framework.
  • PowerLyra: Differentiated graph computation and partitioning.
  • PowerSwitch: Adaptive mode switch on parallel graph computation.
  • Imitator: Replication-based Fault-tolerance for Large-scale Graph Processing.
  • Cyclops: Computation and Communication Efficient Graph Processing.
  • CHAOS: Confidentiality and High-assurance equipped Operating Systems
  • Mercury: Combining Performance with Depdendability Using Self-virtualization
  • POLUS: A POwerful Live Updating Systems
  • LUCOS: Providing Live Update Support for Contemporary Operating System
  • Shepherd: VMM-based Process Shepherding
  • SHIFT: Speculative Hardware-based Information Flow Tracking
  • ICA: Safe Binary Device Driver Reuse via User-level Binary Translation
  • Vicover: Optimizing Crash Dump in Virtualized Environments
  • Hang Survey: A comprehensive study on software hang
  • COREMU: A scalable and portable parallel full-system emulator
  • Parallel VM Migration:Parallelizing Live Migration of Virtual Machines
  • Prwlock: Passive reader writer lock
  • Cocytus: Efficient and Available In-memory KV-Store with Hybrid Erasure Coding and Replication
  • Wukong: Fast and Concurrent Query Processing on Big (Linked) Data
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