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Xiang Song (宋翔)

Ph.D Candidate
Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems
Fudan University
ShangHai Jiaotong University
825 Zhangheng Road, Shanghai, P.R.China
Zip/Postal Code: 201203
Phone: (86-21)51355363-11

About Me

I am a forth year Ph.D student in the Computer Science at Fudan University. I work in the System Research Group of Parallel Processing Institute, adviced by Prof. Binyu Zang and Haibo Chen. My research interests are operating system and system virtualization. I intend to graduate at the summer of 2014.

Research Area

  • Operating System
  • Virtualization


  • Sep. 2009 - Current Ph.D Candidate, Computer Science, Fudan University Supervisor: Binyu Zang
  • Sep. 2005 - Jun. 2009 B.S. Software School, Fudan University


  • Xiang Song, Jian Yang, Haibo Chen. Architecting Flash-based Solid-State Drive for High-performance I/O Virtualization. IEEE Computer Architecture Letter (CAL, to Appear). 2013.
  • Xiang Song, Jicheng Shi, Haibo Chen, Binyu Zang. Schedule Processes, Not VCPUs. In Proceedings of Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APsys 2013, Best Paper Award), Singapore, 2013.
  • Xiang Song, Jicheng Shi, Ran Liu, Jian Yang, Haibo Chen. Parallelizing Live Migration of Virtual Machines. In Proceedings of 2013 ACM International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments (VEE 2013, to Appear), March, 2013.pptx
  • Xiang Song, Jicheng Shi, Haibo Chen and Binyu Zang. Revisiting Software Zero-Copy forWeb-caching Applications with Twin Allocators. Proceedings of 2012 Usenix Annual Technical Conference (Usenix ATC 2012, short paper, to appear). Boston, Massachusetts USA, June, 2012. [pptx]
  • Jichen Shi, Xiang Song, Haibo Chen, Binyu Zang. Limiting Cached-based Side-Channel in Multi-tenant Cloud using Dynamic Page Coloring. Appear on the 7th Workshop on Hot Topics in System Dependability 2011 (HotDep'11)
  • Xiang Song, Haibo Chen, Rong Chen, Yuanxuan Wang, Binyu Zang. A Case for Scaling Applications to Many-core Platforms with OS Clustering. In 2011 ACM SIGOPS European Conference on Computer Systems (Eurosys'2011). Salzburg, Austria. April, 2011. [pdf]
  • Xiang Song, Haibo Chen, Binyu Zang. Why Software Hangs and What can be done with it? The 40th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN-2010, DCCS Track, Practical Experience Reports) pp. 311–316 . Chicago, Illinois, USA, June, 2010. [pdf]
  • Pengcheng Liu, Ziye Yang, Xiang Song, Yixun Zhou, Haibo Chen and Binyu Zang. Heterogeneous Live Migration of Virtual Machines. Appear on 2008 International Workshop on Virtualization Technology (IWVT'08).[pdf]


- VCPU-Balloon: In virtual environments, it is better to let guest VM schedule processes than let hypervisor schedule vcpus. Use VCPU-Ballooning to do so 2013.5 ~ Now

- VFlash: Architecting Flash-based Solid-State Drive for High-performance I/O Virtualization 2012.6 ~ 2013.6

- VMOPS: Paralleling VM Management Operations 2012.2 ~ 2013.2

- Zero-copy: Revisiting Software Zero-Copy for Web-caching Applications 2011.8 ~ 2012.2

  • Improving Xen scalability, 2010.10 ~ 2011.10

- IXEN: Analyzing and improving performance and scalability of virtual platforms on many-core machines.

  • Device Driver Reuse, 2010.5 ~

- ICA: Safe binary device driver reuse via user-level binary translation.

  • Improving the Scalability and Performance of System Software 2008.10~2010.12

- Design and implement Cerberus system, which scales many-core applications with clustering of commodity OSes.

  • Software Hang Survey 2007.10

- A comprehensive study how software hang, a phenomenon of unresponsiveness.

  • Live Migration of Virtual Machines

- Participate in 'Vagrant' - Heterogeneous Live Migration of Virtual Machines.

TA Work


  • Autumn, 2011 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship
  • Autumn, 2009 Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis of Fudan University
  • Summer, 2009 Received the Title of JunZheng Scholar

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