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Research Statement

The institute of parallel and distributed systems (IPADS) conducts research in all aspects of computer systems, with a primary focus on operating systems, system virtualization, programming model and runtime for multicore and distributed systems. Our research also involves other disciplines such as computer architecture, languages and compilers. The research themes of IPADS are improving the performance scalability, energy efficiency and dependability of centralized and distributed computer systems.

We have built a number of systems to address the scalability and dependability issues of computer systems. Examples include Examples include a trusted cloud platform that addresses the trustworthiness of multi-tenant cloud (CloudVisor), a reader-writer lock that provides scalable read-side performance and small writer latency (Prwlock), a portable parallel full-system emulator for several hundreds of cores (COREMU), fast graph query and processing frameworks (Wukong and PowerLyra), an in-memory transaction processing framework supported by hardware features such as HTM, RDMA and NVM (DrTM), and a dependable and hardened hypervisor with small TCB (Nexen).

Our current research focus is in providing system support for large-scale computing systems, scaling existing software stack to future computing platforms with ultra-low latency, high-bandwidth networking and non-volatile memory, and providing hardware and software solutions to dependable computing environments in both mobile and cloud platforms.

Group Information

Recent News

  • [Publication] March, 2019. Our paper “XPC: Architectural Support for Secure and Efficient Cross Process Call” has been accepted by The 46th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA 2019). Congratulations to Dong and Zhichao.
  • [Editorship] March, 2019. Haibo Chen was invited to join the Editorial Board of «Communications of the ACM» and serves as the Co-chair of the Special Sections.
  • [Publication] February, 2019. Two papers, “ScissorGC: Scalable and Efficient Compaction for Java Full Garbage Collection” and “TEEv: Virtualizing Trusted Execution Environments on Mobile Platforms” were accepted by ACM Conference on Virtual Execution Environments (VEE 2019). Congratulations to Haoyu, Mingyu and Wenhao.
  • [Publication] December, 2018. Our paper “SkyBridge: Fast and Secure Inter-Process Communication for Microkernels” was accepted by the 14th European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys 2019). Congratulations to Zeyu, Dingji, Zihan, and Xinran.
  • [Award] September, 2018. Congratulations to Xingda Wei on winning the 2018 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Award! Only 11 Ph.D students got this prestigious fellows among 102 distinguished Ph.D. candidates from 40 leading research universities/institutions.
  • [Award] August, 2018. Our paper “Analysis and Optimization of Java Full Garbage Collection” received the Best Paper Award Nominee from ACM APSys 2018. Congratulations to Haoyu and Mingyu.
  • [Publication] July, 2018. Our paper “Deconstructing RDMA-enabled Transaction Processing: Hybrid is Better!” was accepted by the 13th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 2018). Congratulations to Xingda and Zhiyuan.
  • [Publication] April, 2018. Two papers of us were accepted by 2018 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC 2018). Congratulations to Zhichao, Dong, Siyuan, and Chang.
  • [Publication] February, 2018, our paper “VButton: Practical Attestation of User-driven Operations in Mobile Apps” was accepted by the 16th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys 2018). Congratulations to Wenhao and Shiyu.
  • [Publication] November, 2017, our paper “Espresso: Brewing Java For More Non-Volatility With Non-Volatile Memory” was accepted by The 23rd ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS 2018). Congratulations to Mingyu, Ziming, Haoyu and Heting.
  • [Award] November, 2017, Haibo was awarded the NASAC-Neusoft Software Innovation Award by China Computer Federation.
  • [Publication] October, 2017, our paper “Comprehensive VM Protection against Untrusted Hypervisor through Retrofitted AMD Memory Encryption” was accepted by 2018 IEEE Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA). Congratulations to Yuming, Yutao and Ruifeng.
  • [Award] September, 2017, our paper “ Extracting More Intra-transaction Parallelism with Work Stealing for OLTP Workloads” received the Best Paper Award from ACM APSys 2017. Congratulations to Xiaozhou and thanks to our collaborators Zhaoguo and Jinyang.
  • [Publication] August, 2017, our paper “Sub-millisecond Stateful Stream Querying over Fast-evolving Linked Data” was accepted by 2017 ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles (SOSP). Congratulations to Yunhao.
  • [Impact] June, 2017, Haibo was invited to join the ACM SIGSAC Award Committee* with other 8 international experts to select the Outstanding Innovation Award and Outstanding Contributions Award of ACM SIGSAC.
  • [Publication] May, 2017, our paper “vTZ: Virtualizing ARM TrustZone” has been accepted by 2017 Usenix Security Symposium (Usenix Security). Congratulations to Zhichao and Jinyu.
  • [Publication] April, 2017, our paper “Fast In-memory Transaction Processing using RDMA and HTM” was accepted by ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS). This is the first all Chinese authors paper in TOCS.
  • [Publication] April, 2017, two papers were accepted by Usenix Annual Technical Conference (Usenix ATC 2017). Congratulations to Mingkai, Xingda and Sijie.
  • [Publication] February, 2017, our paper “Secure Live Migration of SGX Enclaves on Untrusted Cloud” was accepted by the 47th IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2017). Congratulations to Jinyu and Zhichao.
  • [Publication] October, 2016, our paper “Deconstructing Xen” was accepted by The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium 2017 (NDSS 2017). Congratulations to Lei and Yuming and thanks to our collaborator Nathan.
  • [Publication] October, 2016, our paper “Transparent and Efficient CFI Enforcement with Intel Processor Trace” was accepted by 23rd IEEE Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA 2017). Congratulations to Yutao, Peitao and Xinran.
  • [Award] September, 2016, congratulations to Wenhao Li on winning the 2016 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Award! Only 10 Ph.D students got this prestigious fellows among 110 distinguished Ph.D. candidates from 40 leading research universities/institutions.
  • [Publication] July, 2016, our paper “Fast and Concurrent RDF Queries with RDMA-based Distributed Graph Exploration” was accepted by 2016 Usenix Symposium on Operating System Design and Implementation (OSDI 2016). Congratulations to Jiaxin and Youyang and thanks to our collaborator Feifei.
  • [Impact] June, 2016, Haibo was invited to join the Award Committee of CCF/IEEE CS Young Computer Scientist Award with other 5 international experts to select the awardees.
  • [Publication] July, 2016, our paper “A Case for Virtualizing Persistent Memory” was accepted by 2016 ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (ACM SoCC 2016). Congratulations to Liang and Rong.
  • [Publication] January, 2016, our paper “Performance Analysis and Optimization of Full Garbage Collection in Memory-hungry Environments” was accepted by 12th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments (VEE 2016). The patch has already been integrated into OpenJDK as a major enhancement of functionality. Congratulations to Yang and Tianyang.
  • [Award] January, 2016, Haibo was named as “The Young Computer Scientist Award” by China Computer Federation.
  • [Publication] January, 2016, our paper “Fast and General Distributed Transactions Using RDMA and HTM” was accepted by 11th ACM European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys 2016). Congratulations to Yanzhe, Xingda and Jiaxin.
  • [Publication] December, 2015, two papers were accepted by USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST '16), only 27 papers accepted in total. Congratulations to Heng, Mingkai, Qingshu and Liang.
  • [Award] November, 2015, our paper, “A Decoupled Storage Model for Java Objects” won the Best Student Paper Award from NASAC 2015. Congratulations to Tianyang.
  • [Award] August, 2015, Haibo was selected into the “National Youth Top-notch Talent Support Program of China” (only 7 awardees across all disciplines in SJTU)
  • [Impact] August, 2015, Haibo was elected as the Steering Committee Co-Chair of ACM APSys (with Prof. Lorenzo Alvisi).
  • [Publication] July, 2015, our paper on using hypervisor-enforced intra-domain isolation was accepted by 2015 ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security. Congratulations to Yutao, Tianyu and Kexin.
  • [Award] July, 2015, Haibo was named a Distinguished Member of China Computer Federation.
  • [Award] June, 2015, Xingda Wei won the Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • [Publication] June, 2015, one paper on scalable in-memory transaction processing using RTM and RDMA was accepted by 2015 ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles. Well done, IPADSers!
  • [Publication] May, 2015, one paper on mobile IME security accepted by Usenix Security Symposium 2015.
  • [Award] April, 2015, our paper “PowerLyra: Differentiated Graph Computation and Partitioning on Skewed Graphs” won the Best Paper Award from EuroSys 2015.
  • [Publication] March, 2015, our paper “Reducing World Switches in Virtualized Environment with Flexible Cross-world Calls” was accepted by ISCA'15. Congratulations to Wenhao Li!
  • [Publication] February, 2015, our paper “AdAttester: Secure Online Advertisement Attestation on Mobile Devices Using TrustZone” was accepted by MobiSys 2015 (29 accepted out of 219), Congratulations to Wenhao Li and Haibo Li.
  • [Award] January, 2015, Haibo got the faculty award from Microsoft Research Asia. Thanks a lot to MSRA's generosity.
  • [Publication] January, 2015, two papers were accepted by EuroSys 2015 (32 accepted in total), Congratulations to Rong and Yubin.
  • [Publication] November, 2014, two papers were accepted by PPoPP 2015 (23 accepted in total), Congratulations to Chenning and Kaiyuan.
  • [Award] September, 2014, Yutao was selected to the Microsoft Research Asia Ph.D Fellowship Program, as one of 12 awardees across Asia.
  • [Award] July, 2014, Haibo was named as a Distinguished Speaker for China Computer Federation.
  • [Publication] May, 2014, our paper “Scalable Read-mostly Synchronization Using Passive Reader-Writer Locks” was accepted by Usenix ATC 2014. Congratulations to Ran and Heng.
  • [Award] June, 2014, Jiaxin Shi won the Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • [Publication] March, 2014, our paper “Computation and Communication Efficient Graph Processing with Distributed Immutable View” was accepted by HPDC 2014.
  • [Publication] February, 2014, our paper “Replication-based Fault-tolerance for Large-scale Graph Processing” was accepted by DSN 2014.Congratulations to Peng and Kaiyuan.
  • [Award], February, 2014, our paper “Concurrent and Consistent Virtual Machine Introspection with Hardware Transactional Memory” received the “Best Paper Nominee” of HPCA'14.
  • [Publication] January, 2014, our paper on using RTM to build database was accepted by EuroSys 2014. Congratulations to Zhaoguo and Hao.
  • [Publication] November, 2013, our paper was accepted by HPCA 2014, Congratulations to Yutao.
  • [Award] November, 2013, our contest program submission “Point-Polygon Topological Relationship Query Using Hierarchical Indices” won the Champion (1/29) of ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS CUP 2013. Congs to Tianyu and Heng.
  • [Award] July, 2013, Our paper, “Schedule Processing, not VCPUs” won the Best Paper Award of ACM APSys'2013, Congs to Xiang, Jicheng.
  • [Award] June, 2013, Heng Zhang won the Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • [Award] June, 2013, our visiting student, Mingzhe Zhang won Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award of Fudan University.
  • [Publication] June 2013, two papers were accepted by ACM APSys 2013.
  • [Publication] March, 2013, our paper “Tiled-MapReduce: Efficient and Flexible MapReduce Processing on Multicore with Tiling” was published by ACM Transaction on Architecture and Code Optimization.
  • [Publication] February, 2013, our paper “Parallelizing Live Migration of Virtual Machines” was accepted by VEE 2013.
  • [Publication] November, 2012, our paper “Architecture Support for Guest-Transparent VM Protection from Untrusted Hypervisor and Physical Attacks” was accepted by HPCA 2013. Congs to Yubin Xia and Yutao Liu.
  • [Publication] November, 2012, our paper “Scalable Deterministic Replay in a Parallel Full-system Emulator” was accepted by PPoPP 2013. Congs to Yufei Chen.
  • [Award] July, 2012 Haibo Chen received the 2012 Google Research Award, thanks for the generosity of Google Inc.
  • [Award] Feburary, 2012 Haibo Chen was awarded with NetApp Faculty Fellowship, thanks for the generosity of NetApp Inc.
  • [Award] January, 2012, our former member Fengzhe Zhang was awarded the Outstanding Ph.D Thesis Award from China Computer Federation.
  • [Award] November 2011, Haibo Chen was awarded a “Distinguished Ph.D Thesis Award from China Ministry of Education”. This award gives only one or two Ph.Ds each year among all disciplines of computer science in China.
  • [Publication] June, 2011, our Paper “CloudVisor: Retrofitting Protection of Virtual Machines in Multi-tenant Cloud with Nested Virtualization” has been accepted by 23rd ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP 2011).
  • [Publication] January, 2011, our Paper “A Case for Scaling Applications to Many-core Platforms with OS Clustering”, has been accepted by 2011 European Conference on Computer Systems (Eurosys 2011).
  • [Publication] October, 2010, our Paper “COREMU: a Scalable and Portable Parallel Full-system Emulator”, has been accepted by 16th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP 2011).
  • [Software] July 2010, COREMU, a scalable and portable full-system emulator developed by our team, has been released to public. Refer to coremu page for further information.
  • [Publication] May 2010, Our paper “Tiled MapReduce: Optimizing Resource Usages of Data-parallel Applications on Multicore with Tiling” has been accepted by the Nineteenth International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT 2010)
  • [Award] January, 2010, Haibo won the “Outstanding Ph.D Award from China Computer Federation”.
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