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Yunhan Jia (贾云瀚)

Undergraduate Student
Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems
Shanghai Jiaotong University
ShangHai Jiaotong University
800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, P.R.China
Zip/Postal Code: 200240
Mobil: (86)15216709112

About Me

I am now an undergraduate student in Shanghai Jiaotong University majored in software engineering and I will get my bachelor degree in July 2013, I have taken internships in Nurun China and Microsoft Asia Pacific and Great China, Now I am working in the Institute of Parallel and Distributed System of SJTU as an undergraduate researcher and my mentor is Professor Haibo Chen\\.

Research Interest

  • System virtualization and security.
  • Mobile system and application development on smart phones. (IMPS)
  • File system reliability.


  • Sep. 2009 - Present B.S. Software School, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Research Experiences

  • 2012.09-Present “Reinforce Virtual Machine Security in Multi-tenant Cloud”, doing research on Xen and aiming at protect individual virtual machines as well as host operating system in all stage of their life cycles, IPADS,SJTU
  • 2012.07-2012.09 “Web Server Security” , finished the 7 labs of MIT CS 6.858: Computer System Security and used its technique to enforce a vulnerable web server. IPADS,SJTU
  • 2012.04-2012.10 “Cloud Security Platform”, developed a business level cloud security system which provide a platform for company to secure their information in different approaches, instructed by Prof. Hengming Zou, SJTU.
  • 2012.02-2012.10 “Location Based Instant Messaging System Based on Android”(IMPS), took part in the 5th National Innovation Project for College Students and 19th PRP(Participation of Research Project), SJTU.

Work Experiences

Honors and Awards

  • Sep, 2012 Third Prize of Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Top 10%)
  • Jan, 2012 Excellent Participation in Research Program of SJTU (Top 5%)
  • Oct, 2011 Top 10 Most Popular Application(2nd) in the Software Exhibition of SJTU (Top 5%)
  • May, 2010 Excellent Individual of Summer Social Practice of SJTU (Top 2%)
  • May, 2010 Excellent Member of Youth League of SJTU (Top 2%)

  • More information about me on my Google homepage.
  • My Curriculum Viate is available here.

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