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 +====== Yijian Huang(黄弋简) ======
 +Email: [[]]\\
 +===== Publications =====
 +  * [[yijian_huang|Yijian Huang]], [[haibo_chen|Haibo Chen]], [[binyu_zang|Binyu Zang]]. Optimizing Crash Dump in Virtualized Environments. The 2010 ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments ([[|VEE-2010]]). pp. 25--36. Pittsburgh, PA, USA. March, 2010. [ [[Vicover|Intro]] ][{{:publications:vee25-core-dump.pdf|pdf}}]
 +  *[[fengzhe_zhang|Fengzhe Zhang]], [[yijian_huang|Yijian Huang]], Huihong Wang, [[haibo_chen|Haibo Chen]] and [[binyu_zang|Binyu Zang]]. PALM: Security Preserving VM Live Migration for Systems with VMM-enforced Protection. In 3rd Asia-Pacific Trusted Infrastructure Technologies Conference ([[|APTC-2008]]), October, 2008.
 +  * [[yijian_huang|Yijian Huang]], [[|Weihua Zhang]], [[binyu_zang|Binyu Zang]]. Undergraduate Education in the Computer System of Software School, Fudan University. In Proceedings of the 1st ACM Summit on Computing Education in China (SCE-2008). Beijing, China, 2008.
 +===== Working Experiences =====
 +  * 2009.7-2009.8 Summer Intern, Morgan Stanley Information Technology.
 +  * 2008.7-2008.8 Summer Intern, EMC Research China. 
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