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Sibo Wang (王思博)

System Research Group, Parallel Processing Institute

Fudan University Shanghai, P.R.China

E-mail: wangsibo at fudan dot edu dot cn

Mailing Address: Room 301, Software Building, 825 Zhangheng Rd., Shanghai China, 201203.

About Me

I am a undergraduate student under the supervision of Prof. Binyu Zang and Prof. Haibo Chen.

Research Area

  • Computer Systems

Research Experience

  • 2010.12-Present Research Assistant, Parallel Processing Institute:System Research Group, Fudan University, China, advisor: Prof.Haibo Chen.

-In charge of a power-saving project for desktop computers without always-on virtualization.

  • 2010.07-2010.09 Research Intern, Heterogeneous Computing Laboratory, University College Dublin, Ireland, supervisor: PostDoc. Vladimir Rychkov.

-Participated in the CPM project, my work was to extend the software supporting heterogeneous PLogP and LogGP model: implemented the PLogP- and LogGP-based collective operations;

-wrote a technical report about the work in internship.

  • 2009.4-2010.3 Research Assistant, Parallel Processing Institute:Compile Group, Fudan University, China, supervisor: Prof. Binyu Zang.

-Participated in the research project of Harmony JVM optimization, my work: tuning and regression tests.

  • 2008.6-2008.10 Scholar Project Member, 3D virtual campus, Fudan University, China, supervised by Lecture. Xiaoqing Zheng.

-Compared the different main-stream 3D languages and wrote a website demonstrating 3D vision for spots of our campus;

-demonstrated final work in presentation.


  • Bachelor in Software School, Fudan University, P.R.China (2007.9 ~ Present)
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