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 ===== Publications ===== ===== Publications =====
-  * [**VEE**] ScissorGC: Scalable and Efficient Compaction ​for Java Full Garbage CollectionHaoyu Li, **Mingyu Wu**, Binyu Zang, and Haibo Chen. Proceedings of ACM SIGPLAN/​SIGOPS International Conference ​on Virtual Execution Environments (VEE), 2019+  * [**SOSP**] Using Concurrent Relational Logic with Helpers ​for Verifying the AtomFS File System. **Mo Zou**, Haoran Ding, Dong Du, Ming Fu, Ronghui Gu, and Haibo Chen. In SOSP ’19: ​ACM Symposium ​on Operating Systems Principles, October 27–30, 2019, Huntsville,​Ontario,​ Canada. ACM, New York, NY, USA
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