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 +====== Research Statement ======
 +The institute of parallel and distributed systems (IPADS) conducts
 +research in all aspects of computer systems, with a primary focus on
 +operating systems, system virtualization,​ programming model and
 +runtime for multicore and distributed systems. Our research also
 +involves other disciplines such as computer architecture,​ language ​
 +and compilers. The research themes of IPADS are
 +improving the performance scalability,​ energy efficiency and
 +dependability of centralized and distributed computer systems.
 +We have built a number of systems to address the scalability and
 +dependability issues of computer systems. Examples include a trusted
 +cloud platform called CloudVisor that addresses the trustworthiness of
 +multi-tenant cloud, a portable parallel full-system emulator called
 +COREMU that provides scalable and efficient emulation of several
 +hundreds of cores running commodity operating systems, ​
 +an operating system scaling scheme called Cerberus that
 +mitigates contentions in commodity operating systems on multicore, ​
 +scalable and efficient graph-processing platforms like PowerLyra, Polymer and
 +Imitator, and dynamic software updating systems POLUS and LOCUS that can seamlessly
 +update commodity operating systems and multithreaded software with new
 +features or to newer versions.
 +Our current research focus is in providing programming models and
 +system support for large-scale computing systems, scaling existing
 +software stack to existing and future computer platforms with hundreds
 +to thousands of homogeneous and heterogeneous cores, and provide
 +hardware and software solutions to secure and trustworthy computing
 +environments in both mobile and cloud platforms.
 +====== Group Information =====
 +  * [[pub:​members | Members]]
 +  * [[pub:​projects| Our Past and Current Projects]]
 +  * [[pub:​publication | Papers by Our Members]]
 +  * [[pub:​teambuilding | Funs and Lifes in Our Institute]]
 +====== Recent News ======
 +  * [Publication] November, 2017, our paper “Espresso:​ Brewing Java For More Non-Volatility” was accepted by The 23rd ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (**ASPLOS 2018**). Congratulations to Mingyu, Ziming, Haoyu and Heting.
 +  * [Award] November, 2017, Haibo was awarded the NASAC-Neusoft Software Innovation Award by China Computer Federation.
 +  * [Publication] October, 2017, our paper “Comprehensive VM Protection against Untrusted Hypervisor through Retrofitted AMD Memory Encryption” was accepted by 2018 IEEE Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (**HPCA**). Congratulations to Yuming, Yutao and Ruifeng.
 +  * [Award] September, 2017, our paper “ Extracting More Intra-transaction Parallelism with Work Stealing for OLTP Workloads” received the Best Paper Award from ACM APSys 2017. Congratulations to Xiaozhou and thanks to our collaborators Zhaoguo and Jinyang.
 +  * [Publication] August, 2017, our paper “Sub-millisecond Stateful Stream Querying over Fast-evolving Linked Data” was accepted by 2017 ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles (**SOSP**). Congratulations to Yunhao.
 +  * [Impact] June, 2017, Haibo was invited to join the ACM SIGSAC Award Committee* with other 8 international experts to select the Outstanding Innovation Award and Outstanding Contributions Award of ACM SIGSAC.
 +  * [Publication] May, 2017, our paper “vTZ: Virtualizing ARM TrustZone” has been accepted by 2017 Usenix Security Symposium (**Usenix Security**). Congratulations to Zhichao and Jinyu.
 +  * [Publication] April, 2017, our paper “Fast In-memory Transaction Processing using RDMA and HTM” was accepted by ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (**TOCS**). This is the first all Chinese authors paper in TOCS.
 +  * [Publication] April, 2017, two papers were accepted by Usenix Annual Technical Conference (**Usenix ATC 2017**). Congratulations to Mingkai, Xingda and Sijie.
 +  * [Publication] February, 2017, our paper “Secure Live Migration of SGX Enclaves on Untrusted Cloud” was accepted by the 47th IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (**DSN 2017**). Congratulations to Jinyu and Zhichao.
 +  * [Publication] October, 2016, our paper “Deconstructing Xen” was accepted by The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium 2017 (**NDSS 2017**). Congratulations to Lei and Yuming and thanks to our collaborator Nathan.
 +  * [Publication] October, 2016, our paper “Transparent and Efficient CFI Enforcement with Intel Processor Trace” was accepted by 23rd IEEE Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (**HPCA 2017**). Congratulations to Yutao, Peitao and Xinran.
 +  * [Award] September, 2016, Wenhao Li on winning the 2016 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Award! Only 10 Ph.D students got this prestigous fellows among 110 distinguished Ph.D. candidates from 40 leading research universities/​institutions.
 +  * [Publication] July, 2016, our paper “Fast and Concurrent RDF Queries with RDMA-based Distributed Graph Exploration” was accepted by 2016 Usenix Symposium on Operating System Design and Implementation (**OSDI 2016**). Congratulations to Jiaxin and Youyang and thanks to our collaborator Feifei.
 +  * [Impact] June, 2016, Haibo was invited to join the Award Committee of CCF/IEEE CS Young Computer Scientist Award with other 5 international experts to select the awardees.
 +  * [Publication] July, 2016, our paper “A Case for Virtualizing Persistent Memory” was accepted by 2016 ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (**ACM SoCC 2016**). Congratulations to Liang and Rong.
 +  * [Publication] January, 2016, our paper "​Performance Analysis and Optimization of Full Garbage Collection in Memory-hungry Environments"​ was accepted by 12th ACM SIGPLAN/​SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments (**VEE 2016**). The [[https://​​browse/​JDK-8146987|patch]] has already been integrated into OpenJDK as a major enhancement of functionality. ​ Congratulations to Yang and Tianyang.
 +  * [Award] January, 2016, Haibo was named as "**The Young Computer Scientist Award**"​ by China Computer Federation. ​
 +  * [Publication] January, 2016, our paper "Fast and General Distributed Transactions Using RDMA and HTM" was accepted by 11th ACM European Conference on Computer Systems (**EuroSys 2016**). Congratulations to Yanzhe, Xingda and Jiaxin.
 +  * [Publication] December, 2015, two papers were accepted by USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (**FAST '​16**),​ only 27 papers accepted in total. Congratulations to Heng, Mingkai, Qingshu and Liang.
 +  * [Award] November, 2015, our paper, "A Decoupled Storage Model for Java Objects"​ won the **Best Student Paper Award** from NASAC 2015. Congratulations to Tianyang.
 +  * [Award] August, 2015, Haibo was selected into the "​**National Youth Top-notch Talent Support Program of China**"​ (only 7 awardees across all disciplines in SJTU)
 +  * [Impact] August, 2015, Haibo was elected as the **Steering Committee Co-Chair** of ACM APSys (with [[http://​​~lorenzo|Prof. Lorenzo Alvisi]]).
 +  * [Publication] July, 2015, our paper on using hypervisor-enforced intra-domain isolation was accepted by ** 2015 ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security**. Congratulations to Yutao, Tianyu and Kexin.
 +  * [Award] July, 2015, Haibo was named a **Distinguished Member** of China Computer Federation.
 +  * [Award] June, 2015, Xingda Wei won the Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
 +  * [Publication] June, 2015, one paper on scalable in-memory transaction processing using RTM and RDMA was accepted by ** 2015 ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles**. Well done, IPADSers!
 +  * [Publication] May, 2015, one paper on mobile IME security accepted by **Usenix Security Symposium 2015**. ​
 +  * [Award] April, 2015, our paper "​PowerLyra:​ Differentiated Graph Computation and Partitioning on Skewed Graphs"​ won the **Best Paper Award** from **EuroSys 2015**.
 +  * [Publication] March, 2015, our paper "​Reducing World Switches in Virtualized Environment with Flexible Cross-world Calls" was accepted by **ISCA'​15**. Congratulations to Wenhao Li!
 +  * [Publication] February, 2015, our paper "​AdAttester:​ Secure Online Advertisement Attestation on Mobile Devices Using TrustZone"​ was accepted by **MobiSys 2015** (29 accepted out of 219), Congratulations to Wenhao Li and Haibo Li.
 +  * [Award] January, 2015, Haibo got the **faculty award** from **Microsoft Research Asia**. Thanks a lot to MSRA's generosity. ​
 +  * [Publication] January, 2015, two papers were accepted by **EuroSys 2015** (32 accepted in total), Congratulations to Rong and Yubin. ​
 +  * [Publication] November, 2014, two papers were accepted by **PPoPP 2015** (23 accepted in total), Congratulations to Chenning and Kaiyuan. ​
 +  * [Award] September, 2014, Yutao was selected to the **Microsoft Research Asia Ph.D Fellowship Program**, as one of 12 awardees across Asia. 
 +  * [Award] July, 2014, Haibo was named as a **Distinguished Speaker** for China Computer Federation.
 +  * [Publication] May, 2014, our paper "​Scalable Read-mostly Synchronization Using Passive Reader-Writer Locks" was accepted by **Usenix ATC 2014**. Congratulations to Ran and Heng. 
 +  * [Award] June, 2014, Jiaxin Shi won the **Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award** of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
 +  * [Publication] March, 2014, our paper "​Computation and Communication Efficient Graph Processing with Distributed Immutable View" was accepted by **HPDC 2014**.
 +  * [Publication] February, 2014, our paper "​Replication-based Fault-tolerance for Large-scale Graph Processing"​ was accepted by **DSN 2014**.Congratulations to Peng and Kaiyuan. ​
 +  * [Award], February, 2014, our paper "​Concurrent and Consistent Virtual Machine Introspection with Hardware Transactional Memory"​ received the "Best Paper Nominee"​ of **HPCA'​14**.
 +  * [Publication] January, 2014, our paper on using RTM to build database was accepted by **EuroSys 2014**. Congratulations to Zhaoguo and Hao.
 +  * [Publication] November, 2013, our paper was accepted by **HPCA 2014**, Congratulations to Yutao. ​
 +  * [Award] November, 2013, our contest program submission "​Point-Polygon Topological Relationship Query Using Hierarchical Indices"​ won the **Champion** (1/29) of **ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS CUP 2013**. Congs to Tianyu and Heng. 
 +  * [Award] July, 2013, Our paper, "​Schedule Processing, not VCPUs" won the **Best Paper Award** of ACM APSys'​2013,​ Congs to Xiang, Jicheng.
 +  * [Award] June, 2013, Heng Zhang won the **Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award** of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
 +  * [Award] June, 2013, our visiting student, Mingzhe Zhang won **Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award** of Fudan University.
 +  * [Publication] June 2013, two papers were accepted by **ACM APSys 2013**.
 +  * [Publication] March, 2013, our paper "​Tiled-MapReduce:​ Efficient and Flexible MapReduce Processing on Multicore with Tiling"​ was published by **ACM Transaction on Architecture and Code Optimization**.
 +  * [Publication] February, 2013, our paper "​Parallelizing Live Migration of Virtual Machines"​ was accepted by **VEE 2013**.
 +  * [Publication] November, 2012, our paper "​Architecture Support for Guest-Transparent VM Protection from Untrusted Hypervisor and Physical Attacks"​ was accepted by **HPCA 2013**. Congs to Yubin Xia and Yutao Liu.
 +  * [Publication] November, 2012, our paper "​Scalable Deterministic Replay in a Parallel Full-system Emulator"​ was accepted by **PPoPP 2013**. Congs to Yufei Chen.
 +  * [Award] July, 2012 Haibo Chen received the 2012 **Google Research Award**, thanks for the generosity of Google Inc.
 +  * [Award] Feburary, 2012 Haibo Chen was awarded with **NetApp Faculty Fellowship**,​ thanks for the generosity of NetApp Inc.
 +  * [Award] January, 2012, our former member Fengzhe Zhang was awarded the **Outstanding Ph.D Thesis Award from China Computer Federation**. ​
 +  * [Award] November 2011, Haibo Chen was awarded a "​**Distinguished Ph.D Thesis Award from China Ministry of Education**"​. This award gives only one or two Ph.Ds each year among all disciplines of computer science in China. ​
 +  * [Publication] June, 2011, our Paper "​CloudVisor:​ Retrofitting Protection of Virtual Machines in Multi-tenant Cloud with Nested Virtualization"​ has been accepted by **23rd ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP 2011)**. ​   ​
 +  * [Publication] January, 2011, our Paper "A Case for Scaling Applications to Many-core Platforms with OS Clustering",​ has been accepted by 2011 European Conference on Computer Systems (**Eurosys 2011**). ​                                               ​
 +  * [Publication] October, 2010, our Paper "​COREMU:​ a Scalable and Portable Parallel Full-system Emulator",​ has been accepted by 16th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (**PPoPP 2011**). ​                   ​
 +  * [Software] July 2010, **COREMU**, a scalable and portable full-system emulator developed by our team, has been released to public. Refer to [[http://​​coremu|coremu]] page for further information. ​                     ​
 +  * [Publication] May 2010, Our paper "Tiled MapReduce: Optimizing Resource Usages of Data-parallel Applications on Multicore with Tiling"​ has been accepted by the Nineteenth International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (**PACT 2010**) ​   ​
 +  * [Award] January, 2010, Haibo won the "​**Outstanding Ph.D Award from China Computer Federation**"​.