By Consequences


XSA Classified by Consequences
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By Target


XSA Classified by Target
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XSAs Classfied by Attack Path


XSA Classified by Attack Path
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XSAs Classified by Consequences


XSA Classified by Consequences
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(Not)Exploiting Hypervisor


XSA (Not)Exploiting Hypervisor
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XSAs Classfied by Attack Path


XSA Classified by Attack Path
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To understand the security threat to the Xen hypervisor, we systematically studied all 175 security vulnerabilities published on Xen Security Advisories (XSA), of which 131 (74.86%) are directly related to the core hypervisor. (See 'XSAs Classified by Exploiting Hypervisor or Not' to learn about those not directly attacking hypervisor)

The analysed data includes all XSAs before XSA-185. (XSA-185 is released on 2016-09-08, which is not avaliable at that time)

Unused Sample

XSA-79, XSA-81, XSA-115, XSA-143, XSA-144, XSA-177 are unused XSA numbers. (Those XSA numbers were at some point allocated by the Xen Project Security Team. But are proved that the issue does not require advisories, and reserved to avoid confusion)

XSA-166 is too vague to be counted in our study

XSA-161 is withdrawn

XSA-99 is about test/example program and irrelevant to hypervisor

Full XSA List

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
XSA-1 XSA-2 XSA-3 XSA-4 XSA-5 XSA-6 XSA-7 XSA-8 XSA-9 XSA-10 XSA-11 XSA-12 XSA-13 XSA-14 XSA-15
XSA-16 XSA-17 XSA-18 XSA-19 XSA-20 XSA-21 XSA-22 XSA-23 XSA-24 XSA-25 XSA-26 XSA-27 XSA-28 XSA-29 XSA-30
XSA-31 XSA-32 XSA-33 XSA-34 XSA-35 XSA-36 XSA-37 XSA-38 XSA-39 XSA-40 XSA-41 XSA-42 XSA-43 XSA-44 XSA-45
XSA-46 XSA-47 XSA-48 XSA-49 XSA-50 XSA-51 XSA-52 XSA-53 XSA-54 XSA-55 XSA-56 XSA-57 XSA-58 XSA-59 XSA-60
XSA-61 XSA-62 XSA-63 XSA-64 XSA-65 XSA-66 XSA-67 XSA-68 XSA-69 XSA-70 XSA-71 XSA-72 XSA-73 XSA-74 XSA-75
XSA-76 XSA-77 XSA-78 XSA-79 XSA-80 XSA-81 XSA-82 XSA-83 XSA-84 XSA-85 XSA-86 XSA-87 XSA-88 XSA-89 XSA-90
XSA-91 XSA-92 XSA-93 XSA-94 XSA-95 XSA-96 XSA-97 XSA-98 XSA-99 XSA-100 XSA-101 XSA-102 XSA-103 XSA-104 XSA-105
XSA-106 XSA-107 XSA-108 XSA-109 XSA-110 XSA-111 XSA-112 XSA-113 XSA-114 XSA-116 XSA-117 XSA-118 XSA-119 XSA-120 XSA-121
XSA-122 XSA-123 XSA-124 XSA-125 XSA-126 XSA-127 XSA-128 XSA-129 XSA-130 XSA-131 XSA-132 XSA-133 XSA-134 XSA-135 XSA-136
XSA-137 XSA-138 XSA-139 XSA-140 XSA-141 XSA-142 XSA-145 XSA-146 XSA-147 XSA-148 XSA-149 XSA-150 XSA-151 XSA-152 XSA-153
XSA-154 XSA-155 XSA-156 XSA-157 XSA-158 XSA-159 XSA-160 XSA-162 XSA-164 XSA-165 XSA-167 XSA-168 XSA-169 XSA-170 XSA-171
XSA-172 XSA-173 XSA-174 XSA-175 XSA-176 XSA-178 XSA-179 XSA-180 XSA-181 XSA-182 XSA-183 XSA-184 - - -