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Wenhao Li (利文浩)

I founded TrustKernel with some talented researchers to provide highly secured mobile solutions, feel free to contact me if you are interested in our startup.


Room 3402, Software Building, 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, P.R.China
Zip/Postal Code: 200240

Research Interest

  • Operating System and Virtualization
  • System Security and Mobile Security

In system and mobile security, I have much experience on building a comprehensive secure system by leveraging new hardware features (ARM TrustZone, VMFunc, Intel PT, Intel VT, ARM Coresight, etc.) or reducing trusted computing base.

In the OS and virtualization area, I am committed to developing a high performance system such as high performance software router and virtual machines.


  • Sep.2013 – Jun.2015 Master student at SJTU, Supervisor: Haibo Cheng and Yubin Xia.
  • Sep.2011 – Jun.2013 Second Bachelor Degree on Business Administration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • Sep.2009 – Jun.2013 B.S. on Software Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Honors and Awards

  • Dec.2016 Academic Star Of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Only 10 students got this prestigious award among ALL Ph.D and master students in SJTU).
  • Oct.2016 Microsoft Research Asia Ph.D Fellowship (Only 10 Ph.D students got this prestigious fellows among 110 distinguished Ph.D. candidates from 40 leading research universities/institutions).
  • Oct.2014 National Scholarship.
  • June.2013 Outstanding Graduate Student of Shanghai.
  • Oct.2012 National Scholarship.
  • June.2012 Excellent Party Member of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • Dec.2011 Second Prize in the Intel Cup National Collegiate Software Innovation Contest.
  • Oct.2011 National Scholarship.
  • Oct.2011 Top 10 Most Popular Applications Among Students(2nd and 5th) award in the Software Exhibition of SJTU.
  • Sep.2011 Excellent Project Award in Research Program(PRP) of SJTU.
  • June.2011 Three Goods Outstanding Students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • Oct.2010 Outstanding Student Scholarship of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • June.2010 Three Goods Outstanding Students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Award.
  • May.2010 Excellent Member of Youth League of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
  • Aug.2009 Best student of Guangdong Province Award.

Work Experiences

  • Oct.2014 - Present Founder of TrustKernel.
  • June.2014 - August.2014 Intern in KEEN Team.
  • March.2012 – Sep.2012 Lab Intern at Intel Asia-Pacific Research and Development Ltd, SOTC-SSG. Director: Qi Zhang and Bo Huang.


  • Zhichao Hua, Jinyu Gu, Wenhao Li, Yubin Xia, Haibo Chen. “vTZ: A Case for TrustZone Virtualization”. In Proceedings of the 6th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys 2015 POSTER). ACM, 2015.
  • Wenhao Li, Yubin Xia, Haibo Chen, Binyu Zang, Haibing Guan. “Reducing World Switches in Virtualized Environment with Flexible Cross-world Calls”. In Proceedings of 42nd International Symposium on Computer Architectures (ISCA 2015). IEEE, 2015.
  • Wenhao Li, Haibo Li, Haibo Chen, Yubin Xia. “AdAttester: Secure Online Advertisement Attestation on Mobile Devices Using TrustZone”. In Proceedings of the 13rd International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys 2015). ACM, 2015.[PDF]
  • Wenhao Li, Liang Liang, Mingyang Ma, Yubin Xia, Haibo Chen. “TVisor: A Practical and Lightweight Mobile Red-Green Dual-OS Architecture”. In Proceedings of the 13rd International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys 2015, POSTER). ACM, 2015.[PDF]
  • Wenhao Li, Mingyang Ma, Jinchen Han, Yubin Xia, Binyu Zang, Cheng-Kang Chu, Tieyan Li, “Building Trusted Path on Untrusted Device Drivers for Mobile Devices”, In Proceedings of the 5th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys 2014). ACM, 2014.[PDF] [Slide] [Poster]
  • Cheng Tan, Wenhao Li. “Splitter: Secure Display With Zero-Trust Using Google Glass”. In Technical Report of IPADS, 2014.[PDF]
  • Cheng Tan, Wenhao Li, Jincheng Han, Yuanxuan Wang, Haibo Chen. “ReDroid: Efficient and Accurate Malware Auditing and Recovery on Smartphones”. In Technical Report of IPADS, 2013.

TA Work

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